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Malaga, Spain

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Take an excursion to  explore picturesque towns such as Marbella, Puerto Banus, Ronda, Torremolinos, or Mijas. Or opt for a day-trip to Granada, to the splendid Alhambra, built in stages by different Moorish rulers of Spain, between the 13th and 15th centuries, prior to the retaking of Spain by the Christians in 1492. Ferdinand and Isabella are buried in Granada in the Cathedral.
  Note: Mijas and Rhonda are very picturesque; Torremolinos is less so. The Alhambra in Grenada is spectacular, but seems in need of some additional restoration. The adjoining Generalife gardens are perhaps the best part of the palace, but they may not be part or your tour, because of the time needed to walk there. Ask! SP



Generalife  Gardens

Lion's Courtyard Fountain

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