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Seadream Innovation Cruises Itinerary 2023
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For 30 years, Atle Brynestad has set the benchmark for luxury at sea. First, he founded Seabourn Cruise Line and launched three ultra-luxury cruise ships. Thirteen years later, he introduced discerning travelers to the SeaDream yachting experience with its two mega-yachts, SeaDream I and SeaDream II.

Now Mr. Brynestad invites you to experience Global Yachting.

Global Yachting is the casual elegance and intimate ports you have experienced with SeaDream in the past, but now voyaging to the four corners of the globe. Within the first year of sailing, SeaDream Innovation will visit all continents, and the journey will continue with many stimulating destinations long into the future.

A new era of luxury cruising is here.

Inaugural Grand Voyage – September 2023

Sea Dream Inaugural Grand Voyage London to Ushuaia


SEADREAM INNOVATION – INAUGURAL GRAND VOYAGE – G32101 18-Sep-21 Sat 1 London (Belfast) UK 19-Sep-21 Sun 2 London (Belfast) UK 20-Sep-21 Mon 3 Guernsey, Channel Islands UK 21-Sep-21 Tue 4 at sea 22-Sep-21 Wed 5 La Coruna Spain 23-Sep-21 Thu 6 at sea 24-Sep-21 Fri 7 at sea 25-Sep-21 Sat 8 Ponta Delgada, Azores Portugal 26-Sep-21 Sun 9 Horta, Azores Portugal 27-Sep-21 Mon 10 at sea 28-Sep-21 Tue 11 at sea 29-Sep-21 Wed 12 at sea 30-Sep-21 Thu 13 at sea 1-Oct-21 Fri 14 at sea 2-Oct-21 Sat 15 Hamilton Bermuda 3-Oct-21 Sun 16 at sea 4-Oct-21 Mon 17 at sea 5-Oct-21 Tue 18 Bimini Bahamas 6-Oct-21 Wed 19 Miami USA 7-Oct-21 Thu 20 Miami USA 8-Oct-21 Fri 21 Miami USA 9-Oct-21 Sat 22 Havana Cuba 10-Oct-21 Sun 23 Havana Cuba 11-Oct-21 Mon 24 at sea 12-Oct-21 Tue 25 Belize City Belize 13-Oct-21 Wed 26 Half Moon Cay/Lighthouse Reef Belize 14-Oct-21 Thu 27 Bay Islands/Cayos Cochinos Honduras 15-Oct-21 Fri 28 at sea 16-Oct-21 Sat 29 Providencia Colombia 17-Oct-21 Sun 30 Puerto Limon Costa Rica 18-Oct-21 Mon 31 Bocas del Toro Panama 19-Oct-21 Tue 32 Fort San Lorenzo Panama 20-Oct-21 Wed 33 Panama Canal transit Panama 21-Oct-21 Thu 34 Fuerte Amador (Panama City) Panama 22-Oct-21 Fri 35 Playa Muerto Panama 23-Oct-21 Sat 36 Puerto Utria Colombia 24-Oct-21 Sun 37 at sea 25-Oct-21 Mon 38 Isla de la Plata Ecuador 26-Oct-21 Tue 39 at sea 27-Oct-21 Wed 40 Trujillo Peru 28-Oct-21 Thu 41 Callao (Lima) Peru 29-Oct-21 Fri 42 Callao (Lima) Peru 30-Oct-21 Sat 43 Pisco Peru SEADREAM INNOVATION – INAUGURAL GRAND VOYAGE – G32101 31-Oct-21 Sun 44 at sea 1-Nov-21 Mon 45 Arica Chile 2-Nov-21 Tue 46 Antofagasta Chile 3-Nov-21 Wed 47 at sea 4-Nov-21 Thu 48 Coquimbo/La Serana Chile 5-Nov-21 Fri 49 Valparaiso Chile 6-Nov-21 Sat 50 at sea 7-Nov-21 Sun 51 Mechunque Chile 8-Nov-21 Mon 52 Castro, Chiloe Chile 9-Nov-21 Tue 53 at sea 10-Nov-21 Wed 54 English Narrows Chile 11-Nov-21 Thu 55 Canal Pitt Chile 12-Nov-21 Fri 56 Exploration Day Chile 13-Nov-21 Sat 57 Punta Arenas Chile 14-Nov-21 Sun 58 Glacier Alley Chile 15-Nov-21 Mon 59 Passing Cape Horn Chile 16-Nov-21 Tue 60 Ushuaia Argentina 17-Nov-21 Wed 61 at sea 18-Nov-21 Thu 62 South Shetland Islands * Antarctica 19-Nov-21 Fri 63 Antarctic Sound & Weddell Sea * Antarctica 20-Nov-21 Sat 64 Antarctic Sound & Weddell Sea * Antarctica 21-Nov-21 Sun 65 Deception Island * Antarctica 22-Nov-21 Mon 66 Cuverville Island & Danco Island * Antarctica 23-Nov-21 Tue 67 Lemaire Channel * Antarctica 24-Nov-21 Wed 68 Paradise Bay & Neko Harbour * Antarctica 25-Nov-21 Thu 69 at sea 26-Nov-21 Fri 70 passing Cape Horn 27-Nov-21 Sat Ushuaia Argentina NOTE: Ports shown with "*" are shown for illustrative purposes and are subject to change due to weather conditions and securing of landing sites.




Polar Regions

Discover the allure of Antarctica and the Arctic Circle. An adrenaline-packed adventure awaits intrepid travelers and outdoor enthusiasts. One of the world’s greatest regions for exploration, Svalbard is defined by unspoiled nature and dramatic sceneries. Partake in a variety of thrilling activities and wildlife encounters during an exhilarating voyage.  In Antarctica, follow the footsteps of legendary explorers to experience the world’s most remote and untouched destinations. There is no shortage of extraordinary sights in the polar regions



When you book SeaDream for your next luxury Caribbean cruise, you’ll never look at this region the same way again. Discerning guests choose SeaDream for their vacation because of their love the yachting and a casual yet luxurious lifestyle. With an award-winning crew and amenities to keep you relaxed and pampered, you’ll never find a more rewarding voyage on the seas. If you are after that sort of remarkably different yachting experience, you have to come to the right place. Welcome aboard!

SeaDream Mediterranean


Personalized and intimate, our luxury Mediterranean cruises offer a remarkably different yachting experience. Sailing through some of the most famous ports in the French and Italian Riviera, Greek Isles, the Spanish Mediterranean coast, and to many less crowded yet beautiful ports in the region, our club members trust us to deliver an unforgettable experience. When you wish to explore the Mediterranean, you’ll find you’re at home as a guest aboard one of our yachts. So, when you plan your next vacation, get ready to take a voyage you’ll never forget.

Seadream Innovation Cruises Itinerary 2023

North & South America

Fall in love with North & South America’s natural splendor. The Northwest Passage is a true bucket list item for those seeking to explore North America, with remarkable landscapes and incredible wildlife at every turn. Make your way from the natural mangroves and tropical rainforests on the northwestern regions of South America to the dramatic glacier alleys and Chilean fjords of Patagonia. A Western Hemisphere adventure aboard SeaDream is filled with UNESCO World Heritage sites, pristine beaches, striking deserts and unforgettable landmarks.

Seadream Innovation Cruises Itinerary 2023

Europe & Africa

Europe’s cobblestoned streets invoke a deep sense of history and tradition. Cosmopolitan hubs, history, museums, nightlife, Europe has it all. Discover the hidden treasures of Praia, Cape Verde, a stunning island chain with an interesting blend of African and Mediterranean culture en route to continental Europe. Given its prime positioning, Europe has been a popular destination for travelers with a wide range of interests. Unearth Europe’s remaining secrets as you venture to the Nordic region to ignite your sense of wonder and adventure.

Seadream Innovation Cruises Itinerary 2023


Modernity and history encapsulate what it means to visit Asia. Sophisticated metropolitan cities or ancient structures can all be found throughout the always fascinating Asian landscape. Striking skyscrapers and bustling streets set the ambiance for financial centers Shanghai and Hong Kong. For a more relaxed pace, Thailand is home to peaceful beaches or visit the volcanic terrains of South Korea. An immersive cultural experience, Asia itineraries feature the diverse flavors and cultures that comprise this captivating region.

Seadream Innovation Cruises Itinerary 2023

Oceania & South Pacific

As inspiring as it is vast, Oceania is home to hundreds of islands in the South Pacific archipelago known for luxurious getaways. Home to over 3,000 reef systems and marine life galore, visiting the Great Barrier Reef is an experience like no other.  Island hop in paradise from New Guinea to world renowned destinations like Fiji. Discover New Zealand in-depth, from its great outdoors and wineries to its vibrant cities and friendly locals. Marvel at the beauty of the many islands and ecosystems that encompass Oceania.


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